The Painted Brain is a non-profit organization that runs their magazine, holds meetings, and offers a space for young adults experiencing mental illnesses to come and express themselves creatively through art, poetry, music, and photography. They are in the center of the creative Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles. The future space interweaves art direction, magazine management, media design, editors, patrons, and publication production. Recognizing the importance of all the related activities within this one space, this embryological design suggests a way to reprogram the existing interior by increasing The Painted Brain's square footage by an addition second level. The flexible, translucent "synaptic" membrane facade and sliding doors are emerged into an ever-present active coding device that reinstates the serial involvements of back stage hidden movements. Where there was no conjunctive facade before, the new entry threshold inscribes a visual separation and registration between The Painted Brain and their neighbors.

The trans-formative apparatus allows natural sunlight harvesting into a secure space while incorporating the necessary control over their privacy. The ground floor programmatically functions as an open meeting space during normal hours. During creative hours, it is used for individual or group music sessions (guitar, piano, and drum set) and for painting, drawing, sculpting, etc. The “Caterpillar Table” can split into multiple sections and become 5 separate tables for hosting artwork activities. It then can also be re-assembled into one long conference table for conference meetings. At the far back wall of the space is a large interactive "smart" wall that serves a complex variety of uses such as interactive magazine editing, displaying submitted artwork, featured web-casts, or playing educational movies. In that immediate zone are durable counters and drop down shelves act as storage space for all their needs. A stepladder leads up to the mezzanine where founder and editor Dave Leon's office and space for interns are co-located with additional storage units. The second level offers views through the facade skin as well as views of the interactive wall and below. The space will also require a storage space with a dedicated server back-system. The didactic / conceptual-hyped architecture of the flagship headquarters will prescribe and manifold a unique contemporary media identity within the context of digital innovation, cultural memory, spatial materiality, and communicative outreach.


DAT(A) >>>Digital Atelier Terrafirmative (ANARCHITECTURE)
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Year : 2011

Location : Los Angeles, CA, USA