Bryan Cantley (Form:uLA ) makes molds and models of models. His models seek to sobriquet speak a voice of an industry that is admires itself. The grafted extensions of robots partake and make an effective marriage between hyper inventiveness and a lonely hardcore mistress. His authored ruins of decadent forms publish the phantasmagoria that is concealed within the tradition of architecture. He finds the things that are dumped and then creates a fretwork of freedom and demented flavours. He can take a mutated corpse apart only to understand the logic of its artificiality and perfect fatherhood. He makes windows into immediate rooms where the only kings and cowboys chitchat. Form:uLA is trajectory of medieval research and fashion. The experimental lab likes to test by-product theories and expose the fundamentally disturbed. The next generation of work may slowly pattern itself toward a new architecture of wrapping mummies with intellectual exertion. Bryan’s artwork typifies a general epoch gone wild and offers a clear prescription for confusion. His heavy conditioning of music and collage is a compass for patronizing his audiences with wonderful rhetoric. His philosophies are entangled with a commercial polysemy of contemporary tyrants and feudalists. The great beauty of his magical synthetic techniques is a new grammar. His massive use of drawing (gun powder) can strike down any manor of imperial power. The work you see on this website is a direct sponsorship of his leading effort to change and define architecture. The TNA project is a radical interior scrim attached and detached to membranes of bouncing light. The San Clemente exterior cladding is a sub surface scatter hunt for a pendent resolution. The mobile gathering space is a future project of vaulting god-zilla toward the new BOSS. The Proto – House is a masked canvas of clustered heavens. The Sign project speaks as a foreign diplomatic expert that is seeking to culminate contact with our planet. Please look for his book on

FORMU:LA - Bryan cantley
DAT(A) >>>Digital Atelier Terrafirmative (ANARCHITECTURE)
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