Typical services:

· Master-Planning / Programming / Feasibility Studies

· Custom Furniture Installation / Fabrication

· Site Evaluation/ Sustainable Design

· Design – Concepts – Immersive ideas

· New Construction- Renovation - Addition

· Schematic Design - 3D Modeling

· Construction Drawings/ Permit Drawings

· Construction Administration / Submittals / Observation / Closeout

Schematic Design -- Consists of determining the client’s requirements for design of the project, preparation of conceptual design studies showing the buildings and their relationship to the site and adjacent structures. An estimate of probable construction cost (based on area, volume or other unit costs) is prepared to assist the client in determining the compatibility of the project needs with his budget.

Design Development -- From the approved schematic design studies, design development documents are prepared, consisting of drawings and specifications to establish size and character of the project including structural, mechanical and electrical systems, materials and other appropriate building elements. An adjusted statement of probable construction cost is prepared.

Construction Documents -- Consists of the complete working drawings and specifications, preparation of necessary bidding information and final estimate of probable construction cost. We also assist the client in filing required documents necessary to secure approvals of governmental or other agencies having jurisdiction over the project, when applicable.

Bidding Or Negotiation Phase--Involves securing bids or negotiated proposals for construction based upon construction documents and assisting the client in evaluating proposals preparatory to awarding construction contracts.

Construction Phase--Provide administration of the construction contract, making periodic visits to the site to determine that the work is proceeding in accordance with the contract documents. We issue certificates recommending payment by the client to the constructor for work done on the project, review and approve shop drawings and samples submitted by the constructor. When necessary, we prepare change orders to amend the contract cost. As construction concludes, we determine dates of substantial and final completion, deliver to the client all certificates from inspecting authorities, equipment operating manuals, bonds, guarantees and related documents. This phase concludes when the final certificate for payment has been issued.



We see value in making a team process and a product deliver. The business development model we employ utilizes a conventional practice management system and we feel that our technical proficiency allows innovation and creativity. We see no job too complicated. We appreciate challenges and opportunities to collaborate.