We are a DESIGN PRACTICE that seeks to be at the very for front of new spatial and structural methodologies. We value clients who desire to engage in new innovative ways of making space. We feel that our skillset can transcend a new energy of expressing new spiritual connections within urban architectures. Our operative domain is setforth with a hyper-dense set of stratifed/layered images. Our general approach to design is add value to the product and to process of making. We are trained as digital craftsman for making unique environments real. Our backgrounds and focus allow a differentiation in technique to emerge as a practice of non traditional place making. We do make ordinary stuff. We mix and fabricate dramatical statements. Our language of design preserves a de-centered preoccupation with creative constructions. We are set out to determine multiple approaches for encouraging brick and mortar developments.

The s p a t i a l praxis we employ is constructed off of multiple inquiries where the foci of intent is coterminal with research and performance. The studio is a five - person collaboration that believes that the work accomplished in our studio should not be judged in whether it appears or reads successful but be understood in whose outcome is unknown (like that of the future).