Architecture is a metrical form of writing space.

As a service instrument, architecture steers and encourages people toward making monumental decisions. However, the language buildings do not have to be risky nor mute. Buildings should proclaim civic character and elevate the art of securing people’s spirit and welfare. Our studio service is a tour de force of expressing identity, we strongly believe an elastic philosophy and enduring commitment are core drivers that raise the potential of making buildings built and realized.

We aggressively employ an open-ended process that aspires to graft people and places into an overture of serious spatial agendas. We aim to invite people into wonderland of materialized machines and direct them to organically explore radical zones into the unknown. Our humanistic approach to providing environmental design services is grounded on several multiple client and cultural endeavours. We feel that our digressive multi-layered solutions present itself as a critical awareness program that seeks to inform and engage all the users of that space. We feel that space should be a musical earthquake of expressions that broadcasts not only contemporary solutions to being innovative, relevant and practical but shift people’s attitude in recognizing fixed and connected places. Our contemplative goal is to create an anchored plexus of experiences, light, earth, man, sky, reflection and energy. In that rewarding effort to make functions more attractive, beauty can be revealed a presented.

Our job is to encode your project where the desired performance is controlled and executed. We bring professional ingenuity to the layers to playing table. As a discipline, we initiate complex ideas that are intended to guide and ignite imaginations, fabricate unique responses, and advance thematically abstract forms and hybridised tectonic expressions. As a provider of architectural service, we deliver the goods to stay focused on organized problem solving, communicate with diligence, and allocate proper time for “the work” Our online project portfolio is an extensive array of various case study projects that illustrate visual elements and components. The large body of speculative work presented here online promotes design excellence and constrains understood agreements between budget, schedule, and decisiveness. Our thing is to model new paradigms for people to live life. We see our role as a front line leader that wants to capitalize on opportunity. If you have operational goals of building something that is highly effective and custom interfaced, please give us a call or email.


01- Dis-Order
A critical architecture is socially self-conscious ordered entity that is conditionally marked by vital systems. These systems navigate cultural characteristics that are based on systems of inescapable truths. Our current age of extreme information and techno-logic presents a lack of order within the governing of digital and geo-spatial protocols. When glancing backward, classical form was an expressive source of fear that augmented authority and unquestioned a civic survival mode for vernacular design. The new no fly zones of power now create borderline ecologies of mis-information. The ephemeral deformations of cyberspace now violate all households, all cities, all places, and all times. The electronic space of current world is dominating our being in the world. We try to balance technology by spend more time offline than online. As a collective whole, our world is masked and dis-placed. Our personal computer is our hack-able identity.

02 – Post War SHAM
The latent universal standard dimensions of International Architecture sought a democratic form making craft process to produce a machined architecture for society. The new Space was a manufactured temporal object driven by world economics, trade organizations, code institutions, and population control. The representative investments of developing large-scale public buildings had federal planning and zoning interests that desired to marriage with industrialized assemblies. The materialization of space was lacking conviction. The making of space is now a bonifide management structure that endeavours to cover and uncover real estate value.
The modest problems of engineering an authentic architecture for the nuclear generation can subjectively be located within a military tract mentality. The unfortunate functions of form must now maximize flexibility, mobility, and non-differentiation. The organic art form became a passive and lost enterprise for the status quo. The available existence of pursuing expression became a post- consumerist fashion agenda that was marketed by media attention. The cosmetic occupation of architecture became a backdrop for metro-polarizing the ideal. The speculative economics of understanding of modern American space is now ad-hoc recorded inscription of a past skyrocket boom, a twisted road of bungalow realities, and fused puzzle of excessive sprawls. Pre-ordering of central formulations is not an ethical dynamic for resolving the spirits of building facilities administration.

03 - Idiosyncratic Fissions
The collapsed dimensions of the “contemporary” are now pushed. Our virtual associations are becoming more absolute. Wes, we have a problem. The metric conversion of meters does not align to our calculation in feet. What do we need to do? The double meaning of form has a customary significance. The fleeting perception of appropriateness is an open sphere of philosophy and hierarchal knowledge. The stylistic alliance(s) of historical modernism is dead and the box is fractured and fissions have emerged. The networks of myths, ideas, tangents, shadows and fields establish territories for constructive discourses. The new creative thinking must encourage a spread of spatial initiatives and critical actions. The broadcasting of ecstasy and freedom is a meaningless signal. The intoxicating channelled world of place making imagery and place reference are manifesting a test pilot of commercial driven dummies. The generic -commonplace is a hyper responsive environment to all cameras. The reproduction of our direct experience is now universally en-framed.

04 –The Unplanned

A crash by definition is to activate an unplanned action with an unplanned event. The theoretical hype of contemporary is a notification of accomplished aspects and perspectives. What dialogue can be more non-deterministic than the rapid idea of chaos? The radical term is a stereotypic parody for disorder. The view of contemporary space must be read with existing abstract parameters and a known language of certain seminal histories. It must be automatically effectuated by reading space. To consider a higher level of understanding of contemporary, a didactic architecture provokes a destabilization of motion and provides disruption. The pluralistic tradition of space crafting is to base a space on the placing of scalable objects, events, motions, and rituals. Within the configuring of assigned structures and systems, a performance order is thus a cadence of inflection and reflection. The artificial language of assembly becomes habitually indoctrinated, distributed, read, and critiqued. This is a complex burden to equate the stresses of form mutations and the overall fitness of incremental design generations. Within the acknowledging of contemporary aphorisms, there are sacred selections of material convergences that define a variant morphology of meaning. It is a wilful advocacy and transformation of extreme means to provide a strange communicative method of a symbolizing a coded form. This crash provision allows aimless invention with specified convention.

05 – Disfigured Organ Donors, Please

The anthropomorphic dimension of our cultural plane is infinite. Tele-matic Man can only be understood as flesh and blood. The machining of space stems from our imagination to tool any identifiable entity. The dissemination of biomechanical systems offers a paternal link back into the coding of interacting space. With a digestive tract in search of formless adventures and possible imaginations, the curiosity of machine pleasure is an indefinite search for spatial delivery. The new post-modern womb of the computer is a constant nomadic exploration within our visual economy of dis-measurement. The new collective body of spacemakers can metaphorically actualise a living/being/organic/fluid syndrome method for human production and human cloning. This statement used in academia isolates an attitude that presents the contemporary architect’s forward facing dream: uncertainty. Today, the folded hybrid of embryologic and molecular science animates an open research process of placement control. How can a far reaching of a transversal capacity can it overlap research and design while demanding intelligent and ecological architecture? The un-natural replicant world is more attractive than the physical world because pleasure is more convenient. We don’t need more human, we need more efficient transparent technologies. Today, the outlook for new sensitive machines and dynamic utopias will empower software architects toward adaptive detribalisation

06 – détournement - Pretty lips do not have to be red

Art is mystical conversation between the presence and absence. One can only psychologically transverse an inscribed natural memory of space. Art is a uncertain conveyor of feelings. Many past efforts of propaganda use art as a device that promotes a general movement or ideology. Beware and know that Art can be a scandal for revolution. Ruling classes make often make art with salutary alterations.
These knockoffs tricks are intended to cast a guided approach of selection and detection. The color of materials can be a adroit perversion made more connotative. The ambience of effect can have subtle contextual meanings. Within a sub-context of relations, détournement can capture the harmonic flows and cinematic cuts various modalities. This knowledge of sub-planting disguised operations and intentions bring forth a higher ordering of interactive concealments.

07 – ornamental sensibility – biomorFIX

The predominant use of pre-engineered and manufactured building products have created a null environment. This has created a dormant society where the individuation cannot express material form because of hands off liability practices.
How does a contemporary architect design a new building paradigm? The hybrid jungle of contemporary building has to be more distinct and interlaced with non-hierarchical structural polysurface of tessellated patterning. Today, the gradients of behavior and local requirements demand that “surface’ needs to return and re-materialize to it original ontology. The interior and exterior needs to share a common threshold and within that domain offer to eliminate redundancy. The slime mold approach for architecture can be added service for building makers. These frontier forces work from bottom up and top-down within the milling of space. The new ecology of space can strive and exceed a technical attitude toward the atmospheric. The opportunistically configuring of gradient behaviors can force a hybrid striation of negotiation. The abstract machine organization for living can now co-evolve performatively and materially. Hybrid force systems are now becoming irreducible pulsating organisms.

08 – Co:herenX – Magic chicken bucket (s)
Emotional grammar can create a mutual resilience between predator and scavenger. By switching to a categorical assumption of win- lose logic; applied behavior can make a species optimise a de-territorialized context by re staking a co-operative claim. Behaviour is fluid. The animal house packs a good storm for those that love its goods. The chicken bucket is a down home southern fried bevel shape that contains a single system method for consolidating a heterogeneous mix of items (legs, breasts, and thighs). The bucket is an intuitive discreet flexible surface - vessel that has two geometries with lofted edge profile. It’s primary purpose is to shift a transported fast food item into a inverted manner toward a specific direction (home or picnic table). This basic agricultural fetishization of chicken storage devices makes a myopic view of transporting volumes more open. The sheet-form comes in a simple box only to uncase-ravel with a lid. This end situation is a conceptualist tendency to forming of symbol. The new predictability of commercial space is a highly contingent delicate ordering of many various genetic processes. Hypermutation is a typological bending and twisting that conduct or arrest flows. The new pathways on interconnecting an evelope are now public ally circulated as a billboard. The materially separable interior items are obfuscated where the parts cannot be connected to a whole. The dismembering of parts co-operate in a stealth assembly of spicy flavor. The intensive instinctual pattern of digging for the right section is a transparent human force.